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Corporate emission performance and the use of carbon credits - Trove Research

A recent report by Trove Research reveals a game-changing finding: companies using carbon offsets can achieve decarbonization twice as fast! 📈

Trove Research analyzed data from over 4,000 companies and found a clear trend: firms that utilized a substantial amount of carbon credits experienced significantly faster emission reductions than their counterparts. On average, these companies achieved an impressive 6% annual decarbonization rate, compared to 3% for non-users.

This groundbreaking study refutes the notion that purchasing carbon credits is a "license to pollute." Instead, it shows that voluntary credit purchases provide strong incentives for companies to accelerate emission reduction efforts. By attaching a price to their emissions and budgeting for annual cash expenditure, companies are motivated to reduce costs and strengthen the business case for climate action.

Engaging with carbon offsets demonstrates a serious commitment to climate impact and signifies well-developed climate strategies. This report affirms that credits not only reduce emissions but also incentivize further reductions, making them an effective tool in today's climate fight.

Therm is proud to offer carbon credits that have been recognized for their superior engineering and excellent quality. Our projects create permanent, irreversible, immediate climate benefits by tackling refrigerants—short-lived super-pollutants.

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